What is The STRIIIKE New Wave? 

The New Wave is a Permanent Beach Waving System that gives you an effortless textured look without any styling necessary! 


How long is The New Wave expected to last? 

2.5 to 5 months depending on the texture of your natural hair and how often you shampoo.


If I don't bleach or highlight my hair, I just do a single process to cover my roots, is that okay?

Yes, if your hair has only a single process color and is in good condition you are a good candidate for The New Wave. 


What if I have highlights? 

We would need to see you for a consultation to be sure your hair would be suitable for the service. 


What if I have Japanese Straightening or a Keratin Treatment on my hair? 

We would need to see you for a consultation to determine if you're a good candidate. 

Is it good for people with thinning hair? 

In most cases yes, however, we would want to see you for a consult to determine the suitability of your hair. 


How long does my hair need to be? 

The length of your hair should be chin length or below.


Is this a natural product? 

The New Wave is not considered a "natural" product, however it does not use the same harsh chemicals as the old fashioned perming systems. It is very gentle with very little smell.   


Will it damage my hair? 

It's amazing, it can actually improve the texture of your hair! On fine hair it creates texture and volume, kind of like what you would get from a salt spray and on coarse hair it softens the texture making it more manageable. 


What are the aftercare instructions? 

No washing, getting wet, ponytails, headbands or clips for the first 48 hours after the service. 


What to expect: 

Summery beach waves that are air dried with a small amount of product. The perfect summer hair!